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Adidas King of the Road 2007 | Sunway Pyramid

Sunday 08.05.2007(today), 7.00am, New Pantai Expressway(NPE). I ran in a 10K race. Its been quite sometime since i ran in a competition. The place was packed with people, to my estimate there were atleast 7000 runners in all categories.

It was very far from where i lived so had to get up early, at 5am. the reporting time was 6.30am for my category.

The race went very well, no pains, no discomforts what so ever, And i felt strong all through out the race. I was able to maintain a steady pace all the way. After exactly 53.00 mins(and 10 Kilometers) i crossed the finish line in 100th place, with a top finisher medal ofcause๐Ÿ˜€. They gave those to the fisrt 200 finishers across the line

I am very pleased with my performance considering its been only 1 and a half months since i picked up running after a long break and im still getting used to the new shoe(Nike Air Peaguses).I have only logged 80 miles in it so far.


6 Responses to “Adidas King of the Road 2007 | Sunway Pyramid”

  1. congrats dude!

  2. congratulations and dont give up …!!!

  3. hei u…congrats ingey…kyp it up…lemme knw wen u compete next will go n cheer fo u…๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Congrats on getting the Top finisher medal! Pls visit my blog for more KOTR pictures!๐Ÿ™‚

  5. bludy ‘ell man.. aharun kaey thithanah fonuvee dhuvantha alheh? sorry about the fone man.. havin some problems with the settings.. i’m workin on it.. taa

  6. thanks everyone
    gray:not like here eyn. once u put in the sim all settings are automatic..

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