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Dhiraagu TMM Service

Dhiraagu TMM (Text Message Multiplier) Service, is a new service launched by Dhiraagu to Maldivians all over the world. This service is the first of its kind.

When a user of a dhiraagu number in Maldives sends a message to an overseas recipient . The AI Servers in dhiraagu analyses the message and rates it(1 to 10 rating), and the message it delivered repeatedly to it recipient based on its level of importance(rating). So the message may arrive repeatedly from one to 10 times to the reciepeint based on its importance.

This service is in no way intended to annoy the message recipient , its an intelligent service and ensures that the imortance of the text message is felt by the recipient(s ).

Sources in dhiraagu also say that this is the first of many new services that will be launched. And all this was made possible by the new submarine cable that connects dhiraagu to the rest of the world.

Dhiraagu also wishes to inform its customers that the TMM Service is still in its Beta Phase, and there maybe slight setbacks in analysing the user messages. (meaning.. text messages maybe repeatedly sent, up 10 times or more even if its not important or vice versa)

I have to say i am very pleased to be a beta tester for this service. The only downside is i have hundreds of repeated text messages in my phone and its slowing it down a little. 😉

4 Responses to “Dhiraagu TMM Service”

  1. that sounds more like spamming to me

  2. not quite: but i hear its on the list of new services..😉

  3. this is sarcasm, no? is it?

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