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Best 3 albums: the first half of 2007!!

Black Rain For me the best album this is so far is “Black Rain” by Ozzy Osbourne

first studio work since “down to earth” in 2001

Half a century and he still raises hell. All songs in the album are awesome. And with Zak Wyle on the guitar and keyboards it couldnt be more perfect.

Ozzy also mentioned this is the first album he recorded sober๐Ÿ™‚

Its amazes me he still does live performances and studio work at his age.

Boy with no name

Travis : Boy with no name

There fifth studio albums. its as soothing as easy to listen to as there other albums. according to lead singer Fran Healy the songs influenced by his new born son.

The album also features there hit single “closer”. Other songs such as “Big Chair”, “3 times and u loose”, “selfish jean” and “sailing away” also very nice

for me this album is as good, if not better than 12 memories and the invisible band, there last 2 albums

icky thump The White Stripes: Icky Thump

The worlds best musical duo released their new album just this month.

I have to say they are the my best divorced couple out there. this time meg doesnt do any real lead vocals in any of the songs ( except for st. adrew, the song’s more like mantra) she does background songs like rag and bone.

my favourites so far are “prickly thorn, sweetly worn” and “conquest”. they are just so “white stripee”๐Ÿ˜‰

4 Responses to “Best 3 albums: the first half of 2007!!”

  1. man u missed Megadeth’s “United Abominations”๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. hehe yea. and lifehouse, velvet revolver, and lots more…

  3. ahh.. man.. i want WS and Travis when you get back.. the real CD’s if you can get ’em.. i’ll pay.. hehe.. And Travis at The Palace is incredible.. it’s been months but i still cant stop watching ot over and over and over again.. thanx mate.. oh yeah.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY..

    ps:: msg from Rajindher:: KOBAHO MAGEY HARD???


  4. happy b’day o.O
    you missed the good the bad and the queen too hehe. havent heard the whole thing myself though, couldn’t get it from anywhere. will do soon hopefully.

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