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YES!! YES!! i was that close.

i have the pics to prove it !!!!! . just check out it out at my picasa web albums. the show was awesome .. unbelievably awesome. i was on the third row ,in the head bangers zone.

They started off as usual with “sleepwalker” from the new album. Dave also did a little bit of talking, at first about the California fires and then he said he wanted to learn how to say “hello” in singaporian hehe. which he fingured was just “hello” as everyone he met spoke in english.  Oh and he did speak some french too.  :D  ” A Tout Le Monde” .

The band did alot of songs from the new album. including “washington is next” and “gears of war” and plenty of undying old stuff like “she wolf”, “hanger 18”, “in my darkest hour”, “tornado of souls”,  “take no prisoner”,  “symphony of destruction”, “peace cells”.

He concluded with “holy ‘mechanix’ wars”. thats the song machanix in the middle of the song holy wars. If u watched the download festival this year you would know what i mean.

The concert lasted over 2 hours and i had the time of my life. 😀


They have accomplished so much.. over years. house loans, personal loans.. credit cards, debit cards… that being said.

I am having an apparently unresolvable issue with my debit card(VISA). Previously the card has proven very useful to me, with me being abroad and being a student an all. But the last 2 months i have had some losses because of it, alot more than usual that is. (profit to the bank of cause😉 ).

On a normal day, first i would check the balance(BML gain 10rf) , then withdraw(BML gain 25rf).Even on a normal day the balance would not be very accurate. Calculating the account balance is a very complicated process, there are alot of complex algorithms involved and given the intelligence of the accountants and the processing power of their servers, the balance is shown to the user with a + or – 2000rm error margin. So in the end i might end up checking the balance a few more times(BML gain 10rf for each) and withdrawing a few more times(BML gain 25rf each time).

On a problematic day, which is what i have been having for the last 2 months. I would check the balance(BML gain 10rf), withdraw… Ooops. “Insufficent balance”. to double check i would check my balance again..Ooops! “Insufficent balance”.. Then i would call home(Overseas call) check weather my allowance have been deposited. After confirmation check again!. same problem. I would check a couple of times . give it a few more days, check a couple of times again before calling home. and everytime i check, to display the message “insufficent balance” BML gains 10rf.

So someone from back home will go to the bank the next day, talk to some one there and the problem will be solved. I can withdraw. Was the money there? Yes. Why couldn’t i withdraw? I violated a credit act. How? Why? Cannot give u the details its confidential.

The following month. same problem. I don’t know how i am violating the credit act but every time i deposit money to my account it freezes, and before i can withdraw, i have to check balance several times, try to withdraw that many times and someone have to go to the BML main branch and unfreeze my account.(with some drama ofcause).







Page, Plant and Paul are gona reunite(Confirmed by Robert Plant) and play at concert on November. The concert will take place in O2 Arena,UK.

This is one of the many re-unions since the band split up in 1980 wen drummer john died. Its reported the his son Jason is gona join the band during the performance.

There is also rumors that if the concert is succesful a world tour will follow😀. So the chances that i will see Robert Plant and Jimmy Page performing live has go from Never to “very very Slim” hehe.

The money from the concert is to be donated to a charity formed after the death of Ahmet Ertegun(the founder of Atlantic Records).





Another month, another race🙂 , sat 8th of September. I competed in the 7K category of the IMU Charity Run.

I was a bit disappointed wen i get went to get my bib number n t-shirt the previous day cause they didnt hav my size(S), instead they offered me a XL, its comes up to my knee. Fortunately i was able to get it “shrunk” to n “S” from the tailor in the area.

The starting was also a bit different from the races i have been to before, ’cause i never been to a run where all participants do the YMCA for warm up before the race😉 . I did my warm up before hand so i didn’t do the YMCA, just watched.

The track was hilly, but nice, it goes through Taman Bukit Jalil(park), been wanting to run there for a long time but never got around to it. The place was awesome, packed with runners(non race)and walkers even in that early hour of the day. I mean the lakes, the bridges , the trees, and most of all the unique architecture, who wouldn’t love it eyn?

Anyway, at the finish line, looked at my stopwatch n i got a new PR for 7K(32.40) in spite of the hills, and a medal ’cause i finished in the to 50(43rd). They made a type on the engraving in the medal it reads “43th”. hehe had a hard time pronouncing it


Sunday 08.05.2007(today), 7.00am, New Pantai Expressway(NPE). I ran in a 10K race. Its been quite sometime since i ran in a competition. The place was packed with people, to my estimate there were atleast 7000 runners in all categories.

It was very far from where i lived so had to get up early, at 5am. the reporting time was 6.30am for my category.

The race went very well, no pains, no discomforts what so ever, And i felt strong all through out the race. I was able to maintain a steady pace all the way. After exactly 53.00 mins(and 10 Kilometers) i crossed the finish line in 100th place, with a top finisher medal ofcause😀. They gave those to the fisrt 200 finishers across the line

I am very pleased with my performance considering its been only 1 and a half months since i picked up running after a long break and im still getting used to the new shoe(Nike Air Peaguses).I have only logged 80 miles in it so far.



Dhiraagu TMM (Text Message Multiplier) Service, is a new service launched by Dhiraagu to Maldivians all over the world. This service is the first of its kind.

When a user of a dhiraagu number in Maldives sends a message to an overseas recipient . The AI Servers in dhiraagu analyses the message and rates it(1 to 10 rating), and the message it delivered repeatedly to it recipient based on its level of importance(rating). So the message may arrive repeatedly from one to 10 times to the reciepeint based on its importance.

This service is in no way intended to annoy the message recipient , its an intelligent service and ensures that the imortance of the text message is felt by the recipient(s ).

Sources in dhiraagu also say that this is the first of many new services that will be launched. And all this was made possible by the new submarine cable that connects dhiraagu to the rest of the world.

Dhiraagu also wishes to inform its customers that the TMM Service is still in its Beta Phase, and there maybe slight setbacks in analysing the user messages. (meaning.. text messages maybe repeatedly sent, up 10 times or more even if its not important or vice versa)

I have to say i am very pleased to be a beta tester for this service. The only downside is i have hundreds of repeated text messages in my phone and its slowing it down a little. 😉


Black Rain For me the best album this is so far is “Black Rain” by Ozzy Osbourne

first studio work since “down to earth” in 2001

Half a century and he still raises hell. All songs in the album are awesome. And with Zak Wyle on the guitar and keyboards it couldnt be more perfect.

Ozzy also mentioned this is the first album he recorded sober🙂

Its amazes me he still does live performances and studio work at his age.

Boy with no name

Travis : Boy with no name

There fifth studio albums. its as soothing as easy to listen to as there other albums. according to lead singer Fran Healy the songs influenced by his new born son.

The album also features there hit single “closer”. Other songs such as “Big Chair”, “3 times and u loose”, “selfish jean” and “sailing away” also very nice

for me this album is as good, if not better than 12 memories and the invisible band, there last 2 albums

icky thump The White Stripes: Icky Thump

The worlds best musical duo released their new album just this month.

I have to say they are the my best divorced couple out there. this time meg doesnt do any real lead vocals in any of the songs ( except for st. adrew, the song’s more like mantra) she does background songs like rag and bone.

my favourites so far are “prickly thorn, sweetly worn” and “conquest”. they are just so “white stripee”😉


Chronic aphthosis ( means chronic mouth ulcers) . This condition is caused by an unbalance of one’s own immune system, which then attacks the skin of ones mouth and cause ulcers.

I’ve been diagnosed with this condition, and in my case the ulcers are really big, and painful, they may come anywhere in my mouth, the tongue, lips, plates, throat.. . and i may get up to 30 ulcers at a time.

I been having recurring ulcers for a very long time, for as long as i can remember, though it wasn’t this serious at all times. i have seen plenty of doctors, several in male’, few in India, and recently few in malaysia, and they all have thier own big theory why this happens, they all have have their own special medication that they would want me to take, and some don’t even bother giving any medication at all.

In the early stages of my disease most doctors thought it was just plain regular ulcers. as i grew older and the ulcers became bigger and i wud get more at a time, doctors now said it was stress ulcers. I kinda believed them at that time. but then as time went along it became alot worse and a certain doc did some tests and i became positive by blood test to the disease called HSV 2, more commonly known as Herpes Simplex 2. Some viral disease it was, anyway i took alot of medication, random medication from that doc for this so called viral condition. Some meds was expensive as 25rf per tablet(3 tabs per day), and some were not even sold in general pharmacies.

I took medication for over 2 years, then stopped cause the meds was spoiling my liver. I came to Malaysia for studies, and the condition continued and worsen, i saw several doctors(all general consultancy) , they all assumed my condition was herpes based on the blood test i took previously.

The recurrences were more frequent now. so frequent that i dont even get breaks in between. they just kept coming one after another. so i decided to take my chances and see a dermatologist here, the guy was really expensive, but i just wanted a relief, so i went to see him yesterday, at first glance he concluded that my condition was definitely not herpes, and that i shouldn’t have trusted a blood test of that sort to begin with. He went on to give me a list of meds often given to ulcer treatment, most of them were very familiar to me.

Anyway he finally concluded my condition was Chronic Aphthosis , gave me some meds and diet recommendations. It remains to be seen weather he was right about my condition, but he was convincing enough for me to spend another 100usd in 2 weeks to go back for a follow-up.